We just moved into a new house in Mechanicville and it's strange enough to move back to my hometown. But I didn't realize how much nostalgia I would feel moving into a new neighborhood. Ryan is able to be a kid just like I was growing up. Even though he is riding his bike until it gets dark and playing outside on the street with kids in the neighborhood, there's more to it than that.

I felt like the sense of neighborhood had changed over the years. More people kept to themselves and stayed inside. Not many neighbors introduce themselves and welcome newbies to the neighborhood, but not here. We know we made the right move because many of the neighbors around us have already said hello. But these aren't the only reasons.

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Over the weekend, while we were getting ready to have dinner, our doorbell rang. Standing on the porch were three young kids, Ryan's age, whom we didn't know. They simply said, "We heard there is a new kid living here and was wondering if he wanted to come out and play with us." I have to admit, I was overcome with emotion. I thought to myself, "We definitely moved into the right place." Ryan didn't care about eating dinner anymore, he ran outside and joined the kids. They all introduced themselves and off they went.

I was apprehensive about moving back to my hometown, but I am realizing how much Ryan's childhood is shaping up to be similar to mine. Okay so he won't learn how to use a payphone to check in with us or have to use a corded phone to call his friends, but him riding his bike until dark and hanging out with the kids in the neighborhood are worth every bit moving back to Mechanicville.

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