Gun violence has been a growing problem in Capital Region neighborhoods. Now Watervliet is going to do a program in an attempt to get guns off of their city streets. The Attorney General, Letitia James is sponsoring the gun buyback event that will happen this weekend.

With an increase in gun violence in Troy, Albany, Schenectady, and other Capital Region cities, the effort to get weapons off of the streets has been ramped up. This Saturday, October 9th it will be Watervliet's turn to do the gun buyback program according to News Channel 13. There is an incentive too. If you turn in an unloaded weapon to the Watervliet Dome located on Second Avenue, you will get a gift card worth anywhere from twenty-five to two hundred fifty dollars. It depends on the type of gun that is turned in.

The guns do not have to be just from Watervliet. Any gun turned in will be accepted. But you must make sure they are not loaded. You must also return them wrapped in either a paper or plastic bag or turned in, in a box. Officials are hoping to get as many weapons off the street as possible with a nice incentive in return. This initiative has taken more than 2,300 firearms out of communities through gun buyback events and other efforts since 2019.

Attorney General James said of these programs:

Gun buyback programs are essential to protecting New Yorkers and preventing dangerous guns from ending up in the wrong hands. The threat of gun violence has loomed over our communities for far too long, and it is imperative that we take every step possible to eradicate this violence.

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