I'm having a dinner party tomorrow night and every time that happens I freak out and make the kids and Bub clean like freaks (I help a little,  too) until it shines!

Why?  Well, I'm afraid I'll be judged on he cleanliness of our house!  And that terrifies me!  I can't be alone, right?

According to a new survey, the thing that people are most likely to notice about your dirty house a terrible SMELL.  Clutter came in second  followed closely by a dirty toilet bowl in third, and dirty kitchen counters are fourth.

The survey also studied the cleaning chores we hate doing the most.  They discovered that scrubbing the shower and cleaning the toilet are the worst!

And only 5% of people hire a maid to clean their house!   The other 95% (the rest of us) do it ourselves or split it with our family.



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