I feel like I start at least one post a week the same way but I'm not a parent so when I come across articles like this, I have to ask the opinions of people who actually have kids. What's your age cut off for this?

I found this article on The Daily Mail and apparently a mom asked the internet what they felt the age cut off was for your children to see you naked. It turned into a great internet debate between parents saying what they think is right.

Some parents argued that once the children get to school, that's the cut off. Others said it was up to the children to decide when they feel comfortable. Those parents said it just happened naturally, of course, the flip side of that is that some kids may not feel comfortable telling their parents.

I'm currently in the process of buying a house and at 28 years old, I live with my mother and our bedrooms are on the same floor. I'd be lying if I said we didn't run into each other in the hallway after a shower or changing clothes but I never thought anything of it, that's my Mom. She's changed my diaper as a baby, it's the same body, so what? It's a parent/child relationship, nothing sexual so why does there have to be a certain age?

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