I watch these Olympic sports and I get jealous.

My asthma doesn't allow a lot of cardio in my life. Don't get me wrong, I've played softball forever at this point, even when it wasn't easy to breathe. But alas, I'm not Olympian worthy.

It did get me thinking though.

 We are all good at something. Even when you believe you truly hold not a single ounce of talent, there it is without you even noticing. It could be the most ridiculous thing, but you're good at it!

So, I went to my Facebook page and posed this fill in the blank:

If I were to win a gold medal at the Olympics it would be for ____________________.


I kicked it off with my own gold medal category and if you've listened in the midday at all over the last week or so, you've probably heard a little about how accident prone I am. It's not a lie. It's bad, really. Though it has given me the best Olympic category to create. I would win a gold medal for "falling down the stairs."

Seriously. I'm so good at it. You know how I know? The bruise on my booty is still healing two weeks later, as are all of the cuts and scrapes on the left side of my body. When I fall down the stairs, I do it like a champion. Heck, I should be on a box of Wheaties, too. Move over Michael Phelps, I got this.

Many had fun answering the fill in the blank on my Facebook page. Mike filled in the blank with "spilling drinks" while Brenda said, "cooking" but she added "lol" which makes me think she's not feeling too confident in her skill level. Here are just a few of the additional responses: