I've been helping a friend go through his parents basement a bit to weed stuff out. Next thing I knew I came across this Key to Albany Guider Magazine from 1967 with the title: "Christmas Is Colonie Center!"

What stores were included? How did the blurb describe the new mall? Remember, malls were a new thing!

Going through this little gem was fun. Seeing how simple things used to be and how that was all we knew and we were content. The old advertisements, the advice on how to "how to make an offer on a house," what a flashback.

Colonie Center Ad 60s credit: Marissa

Plus, a store directory for Colonie Center:

Colonie Center Directory 60s credit: Marissa

How about this Colonie Center advertisement that was on the back cover of this magazine:

Colonie Center Ad credit: Marissa