Maybe Urban Dictionary is that of the myspace era but it is still hilarious to read things about our hometowns on it.

First up Albany, there are some stigmas when it comes to the capital city. Millennials, hipsters, politics and corruption. Lets face it, corruption probably is a descriptive word for many capital cities throughout the country. What does the hallowed Urban Dictionary have to say about the capital of the Empire State. A states capital who has some very, very rich history. Here it is,

Albany-Metro is deff not a hick-ish farmland. Filled with gangsters who might shoot you and snobby rich kids who drive around sick cars, vacation at the hamptons or luxury ski resorts, and count their cash. Surrounded by suburbs where everyone drinks, smokes, and parties because there is nothing else to do. Everyone and their brother is Italian. Alotttt of college kids: UAlbany, Union, RPI, etc.
Pretty sweet location with the city like 2 hours away, new england across the hudson, and montreal just up north.
So yeah, check out the 518. - URBAN DICTIONARY

The site also says this..

A place where dreams go to die, and where long island scum pollute most of the student body. - URBAN DICTIONARY

Do these make sense, are they accurate and how would you describe Albany?


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