Every August in Mariaville, big girls and boys load up their toys and bring them to TrailRex!    Its 3 days of motorcycles, mud, quads, rock crawling, tough trucks, mud, music, camping, fireworks and if you’re lucky – more mud.  We all have redneck potential; this weekend it’s time to show yours.

Last year was my first TrailRex, and certainly not my last.  I packed a cooler with food and bevy’s, loaded the family 4x4 and made our own shade down by the mud bog and rock crawl course.  From fender bending steel belted tough truck’s (think demolition derby with jumps) to girls racing through the mud pit (on foot)!  Hey, that’s where the real action is, its people watching nirvana!

Don’t judge a book by its cover ya’ll, it’s not all rebel flags and truck nutz (although you will see your fair share).  There’s a huge kids area with plenty to do like pony rides and the bouncy house.  You can camp the long weekend on the grounds or get in early and mark your territory and wonder around.

Reveal your inner Redneck-ness!  From mild to wild, fried food and four by fours, TrailRex is awesome!  No matter your lifestyle – there is something for everyone.  Gates open daily at 9am and there’s non stop action till 1am, litterely!  Here’s a link to their site for daily schedules.  One tip from me to you, TrailRex brings ‘em in from all over so the lines can be long for tickets and you will have to do some paperwork if your bringing the kids.  Print out and fill out the waiver from the TrailRex site, heck buy your tickets online and spend less time in line.

TrailRidersexpo, August 19 – 21st at the Indian Lookout Country Club about a ½ hour from Albany!  Race ya!