Wing Wars 2012 is coming to Albany! This Saturday night at the Washington Avenue Armory. I can't wait. I love chicken wings, simply love them. There is nothing better than a cold beer and a great wing but on the other hand a bad wing can really ruin your day.

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So I got to thinking, what is the best flavor of wing? It used to be you had to choose between hot , medium and mild buffalo style. These days everyone is looking for the new best flavor. There's the BBQ, the garlic parm, the Thai and so many more. Personally I'm not sure I have met a flavor I didn't like or at least respect the idea of, but what is the best? Here is where you come in.

I started the polling process by having people tell me on my facebook page what their favorite flavor of wing is. My initial thought was I'd take the top five put them in a poll and let you all decide what was the KING WING. There was a glitch in my plan though as there seem to be a lot more than 5 really good contenders so I will put them all up there. Who knows maybe there is a dark horse that will rise up to beat out the big boys.

SO here is how I want this to work. We are basing this on the flavor alone, so imagine you are at a specialty wing restaurant and all of these flavors are on the menu. You only get to try one, even if you have never tried the flavor before,  which one will you order?

The 2012 Wing Wars is coming September 22, 2012 to the Washington Ave Armory. Doors open at 1P and Tickets are $12 in advance, available online now, or day of at the door (if available). Brought to you by Yuengling.


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