It's one of the Great historic landmarks in the city of Albany – the beautiful Palace Theater.  I'm sure you know of all the great live events they've hosted over the years.  Are you aware that they also show old movies?  Well, they're about to show some FIRST RUN flicks! (Can you even CALL them flicks anymore?   Probably not! 

I'm sure the word "flick" is derived from "flicker" as in a film that flickers on the screen.  Well, they'll be a lot less of that here.   Check out this monster.

permission from Ed Lewi Associates

This is a fancy-dancy digital projector that they have installed.  And they will be airing special films there on Oscar weekend to launch it.

They'll be showing Shakespeare in Love at 5 pm Saturday and Argo at 8PM.  The tickets are only $5 each.  (I paid $7.00 for popcorn at "you know where")

By the way, They are also showing Despicable Me at 2 PM.  Guess what, guys?  It's FREE!

According to the press release from Ed Lewi Associates:

The equipment will also meet the technical requirements of some visiting performing artists and productions and provide the ability to screen live broadcasts, such as concerts and theatrical productions.


What an incredible atmosphere to immerse yourself in a movie!  Congrats to the Palace Theatre, and enjoy the shows!