The devastation caused by Harvey in Texas has been tough to see. So how would New York have been impacted if Harvey hit here?

When you look at a map of the area of Texas that Harvey affected, it is a huge area. But luckily most of the land area of Texas did not see a huge impact of the storm. So what would Harvey have looked like if it hit here? Here is the map of Hurricane Harvey's impact area superimposed on New York state.

As you can see, this storm would have affected a hug chuck of the East Coast, and we would have felt the storm all the way up her in Albany if it had hit New York City. A sizable storm indeed. This graphic really puts the size and scope of this storm into more perspective for us here in Albany, so now you can imagine how devastating this has been for those in Texas. Let's hope the people and the area make a swift and full recovery from this historic storm.



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