Mother's Day is this Sunday, and you still don't know what to get for Mom. I've got ya covered.

Influenster recently did a survey to determine what young Moms in each state want for Mother's Day this year. First, remember ALL Moms are young Moms. (Don't tell your mom she's old.) And i think this gift idea would make any New York mom happy.

The most desired Mother's Day gift in the state of New York? Jewelry!

Credit: Influenster/Source: Mashable
Credit: Influenster/Source: Mashable

Jewelry was also the most popular in New Jersey and Alabama. The second most popular answer was no surprise: flowers. The third most popular threw me for a loop - cash!  What? Who wants cash for Mother's Day? But that is what Mom's in Kansas and South Carolina want!

Whatever you do, do not give mom cash for Mother's Day. VERY impersonal! And it may get you the 'look' from mom. Definitely go with Jewelry or Flowers - you will be a Mother's Day hero! You can see the most popular gift in each state here.

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