Today we were talking on the air about the debates, Taylor Swift and the safety of our youth, clearly three things completely related to each other. It did get me thinking, actually I think it was Richie who first said it, "What country singer would you want to run for President?"

Lot's of people called in and we kicked around some obvious names. Toby Keith for his "boot in your ass" foreign policy. Taylor Swift for her over achieving child prodigy genius. Trace Adkins or John Rich because of their brilliance on "The Apprentice".

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All of these may work or maybe it's Blake Shelton's humor and straight talking charm that you like, or Hank Williams Jr.'s conservative country boy values. All have their merits for sure, or maybe it's someone else you think would be best. One person said "How about Garth and Taylor because they could reduce the Nation's deficit with one world tour!" I like that one.

So I posted the question on my Facebook wall and got a Ton of responses, I thought maybe we can list all the Artists who got multiple mentions and get YOUR vote! Consider it practice for election day.

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