In the last few years we here in the capital region have seen a lot of big businesses come in, however there are still a lot who have yet to set up shop here.

Now in the last couple years businesses like Sonic in Latham have come in. Which was huge. Huge if not just for the fact that navigating route 7 there was insane for a solid couple months. We have also seen a Joe's Crab Shack as well, that has closed and upset many. Me included, I have never had crab and wanted to go there to try it. We have Whole Foods and Trader Ed's. Viable alternatives to your average grocery store. We also have a new casino to bring in tourists and provide some weekend play.

With all of these great businesses setting up shop locally recently, it sort of gets you thinking. What businesses aren't in the capital region that you would like to see? Me personally I would love to see a Krispy Kreme. A Chick-Fil-A would be welcome too. How about an In and Out Burger? What would you like to see come to our neck of the woods?

A very big thank you to the Times Union, they a few days back posted up an article about this same topic which is linked below.