It's an honest question - what ARE you going to do with all of those apples?

It's definitely a good time hitting the orchards and finding just the perfect one to pluck from the trees. Putting them into your bag and finding the next and then the next. By the time you get home you're overwhelmed and wondering who can eat this many apples?!

Lets discuss some fun ways to utilize these suckers to their full appley goodness potential!

Here's something "family friendly" that everyone can enjoy!

Witch's Candy Apples. It's so easy, too! It's a matter of melting down some cherry hard candy with some corn syrup and popping in some wooden sticks as a handle. A sweet way to keep the doctor away! (NOTE: Caramel Apples are just as simple!)

For the Bacon Lovers: Bacon Apple Dates!

All it takes is stuffing some dates with apple and then wrapping them with bacon. Pop 'em in the oven and wallah! Couldn't be easier (and more delicious!)

A Mouth Watering Dinner: Apple Mustard Chicken

It has more ingredients than the previous mentioned ideas but really isn't all that time consuming and maybe it's just because it's close to lunch time as I'm typing this but the concoction sounds PERFECT right now! Apples, onions, butter, chicken broth, mustard, prunes, chicken, YUM!

The Breakfast Lover In You will LOVE this.

Apple Pancakes. Slice 'em up, grab some cinnamon and get the skillet ready for an amazing way to start your day!

For the full recipes and for even more ideas, check out the Food Networks article "50 Things to Make With Apples."


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