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Meet Big Sky Country!

Q: Who are the members of your band and where are they from?

A: Ashley Drennan – Lead Vocals, Troy, NY

Mark Pierre – Lead Vocals, Halfmoon, NY

Brad Gardner – Guitar, Banjo, Ballston Spa, NY

Matt Howenstein -  Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Amsterdam, NY

Eric Baumes – Bass Guitar, Stand-up Bass, Rexford, NY

Gary Fuller – Drums / Percussion, Sacandaga Lake, NY

Q: How and when did the group come together?

A: This band was a group of musicians that had been looking for a fresh start in Country Music and happened to all find one another. All had played with elite bands and have great reputations as musicians! After finding Ashley, the up-and-comer, we started practicing and found that the synergies were amazing and the dynamic as a group to good not to form Big Sky Country!

Q: What do you consider as your group's career highlight?

A: Being new together, the highlight has been our reception in the Country Music community. We all had our friends and fans that we thought would support us, but the level of support and number of fans that have been showing up for events has been nothing short of amazing! The phone has been ringing off the hook for bookings and it’s really exciting!

Q: How would you describe your band’s sound and image?

A: It’s funny that we always hear references to “Vocal Band” or “Instrumental Band”. I truly believe that we cover it all. With Mark and Ashley leading on vocals, and Matt, Eric, Brad and Gary, all capable with harmonies as well as very accomplished musicians, the sound is great! Our image is “High Energy Current Country”!

Q: How did your group decide on its name?

A: Our name was a struggle! Everyone had opinions and we settled on Big Sky Country when someone jokingly mentioned that we needed a BIG name that spoke COUNTRY to anyone seeing it! Big Sky Country was thrown out there and we ran with it. Big Vocals, Big Music…Big Sky Country!!

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