That's what's being offered in Saratoga and Schenectady counties. Read on!

According to the, it was Assemblyman Jim Tedesco who spearheaded this great idea.

Here's the deal - if you live in Saratoga or Schenectady county and are wearing a helmet while you take that bike ride, jump on a skateboard or try your hand at rollerblading, 12 police departments will be watching - in a good way!

They are being given 5,000 GOOD TICKETS to hand out to kids.  If you get one, you get a fee ice cream.

I personally think that's great on many levels.  First and foremost it makes kids less fearful of police officers - it shows that they are out for your well-being (which they really are if you think about it)

And then of course it's simply very important to wear a helmet.  This should also include dirt bikes, mopeds, 4 wheelers and the like, but I don't think these count.

Getty Images

Congrats to Assemblyman Tedisco for the great idea.

(PS- If you look at the picture I found, the person on the bike isn't wearing a helmet at all.  No ice cream for YOU! )