It's funny – I live in Niskayuna and didn't know about this until the time of this writing which is 7:30 PM tonight, but I guess there was a water main break in Niskayuna and they are urging people to conserve the water.  That's ok, some people say it's discolored!! 

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According to the Times there was a water main break on Wednesday afternoon in the vicinity of Mohawk Road.  They are warning  people that the water maybe discolored, but it is supposedly safe to drink.

I've actually complained about this before. Sometimes our drinking water has a brown tinge to it and it looks like something I can't describe here, but they keep insisting that the water has been treated and it's safe to drink.

Would continue to drink discolored water?  Would you drinkbottled water instead?  I think we're going to!  Bottoms up!