The Madison Theatre in Albany wants to lure you out of the house and into their big soft comfy seats to watch every movie you can by offering multiple membership packages without breaking the bank.

Growing up in Albany, the Madison Theatre has always had a special place in my heart.  It's safe to say I'm always rooting for them to do well and I think their new unlimited pricing policy has a chance to be a runaway hit.

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According to reports, they're currently offering individual and family packages with the option to choose to pay by the month, or buy out the whole year.  Pricing starts at under $10 and whether you pay for the monthly or yearly, you get: 

  • Unlimited Movie
  • Free Small Popcorn with each visit
  • 10% off food & beverage
  • Special event invitations

Most people I talk to are currently paying for cable and streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu and any of the dozens more that are out there. Perhaps you want to add "Unlimited Movies not inside your house" to the list.

The Madison Theatre in Albany has had some dark days within the last decade or so, but seems to be rebounding quite nicely showing first-run films as "upstate New York’s only dine-in theatre."   And while many of us in the Capital Region are itching to get out and do things,  the Madison Theatre in Albany recently released their new pricing menu hoping to attract movie fans and keeps them coming back.

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