I have to admit a couple of things here. First, I do love "South Park" , while it can certainly test your boundaries of good taste, it is usually very funny and smart. Second, I have not watched it in quite some time. That will probably change tonight, with a guest appearance from Brad Paisley.

In fact Brad has been "tweeting" about his upcoming appearance:


It turns out Brad Paisley is also a pretty big fan of the show. he even showed on "South Park" last fall. You may not have noticed because he only voiced a few lines as one of the kids in the background. This time Brad will be playing himself and you will get to see "him" sing the National Anthem and sing a duet with Cartman. I can only imagine what that will be like. I have to wonder who it will be a bigger thrill for, Cartman, or Brad.

Here is another pic Paisley posted of his cartoon alter ego:


















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