I just read that Bugs Bunny turned 75 today. I have to tell you Bugs was one of my first idols as a little boy. I was actually inspired by his use of intelligence and wit to get out of any predicament he found himself in, I also think I loved his Forrest Gump approach to life. No matter what happened to him he just kind of went with it and enjoyed the moment.

Kids today don't get to enjoy those old cartoons like we did, sure if you search them out you can find them but truth is parents today and the politically correct society we live in, cant see the value in these cartoons they only see the slapstick violence,(slapping etc)  weapons (Fudd's Rifle) smoking (The gangsters smoked), you get the idea.

I don't know I really don't think seeing bugs hit Daffy Duck with a frying pan never made me think that it was OK to do that to my brother. I guess as kids in days past we were trusted a little more to make our own decisions and choices. We were actually taught not only what is right and wrong but also to determine for ourselves what those perimeters were,  personally I think it made us better people.

Well that is just my opinion but I thought in honor of Bugs' 75th birthday I would share one of my favorite Bugs episodes, I still quote it to this day, "You might Rabbit, You might" and "shut ep, shuttin ep" Enjoy.



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