Wow, this is wild!

A massive water main break in Troy on Monday caused gushing raging river-like rapids that were on a mission to destroy everything in their path in just mere seconds.  Check out the video provided in the post, it's pretty wild.

As far as we know, no one was reported injured when the massive swells surrounded a home, but city officials did say that it was one of two "main" distribution lines flowing from the water treatment plant

Numerous houses are being flooded at this time and the roadways are turning to rivers. Currently, all traffic around the water main break is shut down. -Sidewinder Photography, Facebook 


Here's what we know about the water main break as reported by the City of Troy

  • A 30" cast iron water main in 124th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues broke.
  • The water main is one of the two major distribution lines flowing from the water treatment plant. As a major distribution line, impacts may be felt by consumers of Troy water beyond Lansingburgh.
  • As DPU works to restore service, residents may experience service interruptions, including sputtering water, loss of water, loss of water pressure, discolored water, or more.
  • Neighbors should anticipate road closures and the potential for basement flooding.
  • Never drive through a flooded roadway.

The crew from Sidewinder Photography posted two videos showing the gushing rapids, one was taken by Keith Abbott, the other by JJ Nardino.





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