Deer hunters and those who eat deer meat beware. A serious disease is being detected in some white-tailed dear. Here's how you can tell if your deer is affected.

According to News 10 ABC, the Michigan Department of National Resources is warning hunters to be on the lookout for deer infected with bovine tuberculosis. The only cases detected so far are in the state of Michigan.

In a survey of two hundred thirty thousand deer tested, nine hundred tested positive for bovine tuberculosis in 2017. So far, the infected deer have only shown up in Michigan, but deer hunters and anyone who may eat deer meat should pay close attention before eating it.

Animals and humans can be affected by tuberculosis, which attacks the respiratory system. There are very few cases of bovine tuberculosis in humans. There are only about two hundred and thirty cases each year. The disease can spread through sneezing, coughing and exchanging saliva.

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