There’s something new and potentially dangerous in a couple of different ways, that authorities want to warn you about.

Paula Bronstein, Getty Images

It’s called marijuana wax. Besides being a highly potent form of marijuana (or as authorities call it - “weed on steroids”), some of it is mixed with extremely flammable solvents. When it’s cooked, it has caused houses to explode. Much of the cooked product can look similar to peanut brittle.

New York State Police Major David Krause mentioned in the story on CBS 6 Albany, that “it varies from a light yellow, honey color to more of a green color to almost dark brown. A couple of people were recently arrested for marijuana wax in Albany County.

If someone talks about marijuana wax on the streets, they may call it “honey oil, “butter” or “shatter”. If someone gets arrested with it, it might mean a jail sentence of possibly 15 years.