All hours of the day, you can see and hear illegal dirt bikes and ATV's screaming up and down the Lark Street area of Albany.  They travel in packs - their faces covered and vehicles unregistered - sometimes just 2 or 3 of them but I've seen as many as 10-12 at a clip. They pop wheelies, weave through traffic, go the wrong way down one-way roads, and even climb sidewalks.  At times it feels unsafe to walk the streets of Albany knowing that at any moment these morons could cause a crash.

Over the past few weeks, it hasn't been hard for me capture some moments where these reckless riders have been out and about in broad daylight or late at night. According to CBS 6 News, Albany is set to vote on whether or not a cash reward should be given to anyone with a tip that leads to charges against those riding these dangerous vehicles illegally.

Albany can't get this wrong.  Rewarding tipsters is one way to prevent something horrific from happening.  Drones, street cameras and harsher penalties need to be implemented as well.  But most agree, something needs to be done.  On Tuesday, a 23-year-old man on a dirt bike crashed into a car resulting in some moderate injuries to his face and face.  Following a crash, that was more than likely the best case scenario.  It's just a matter of time before someone innocent loses their life from one of these speeding, weaving, wheelie-popping idiots.

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