It's been so close this whole time and I never knew. Now, listen I don't play a ton of video games, but I do have my favorites that I grew up on and who doesn't love going to places like Dave & Busters or Lucky Strike Social?!

In fact, I just bought my parents the classic Atari gaming system that comes with pre-programmed games within it for Christmas (they love the throwback, by the way.) Some of these games are just simply nostalgic, so when I saw that not only is there a Video Game Hall of Fame but that it's in our backyard of Rochester, my mind was blown!

Donkey Kong

You can follow a video game timeline, blogs, nominate games, see the inductees, exhibits and more at their website to start.

They just announced the nominees for 2017 which include: Donkey Kong, Microsoft Windows Solitaire, Halo: Combat Evolved and Mortal Kombat to name a few!

Would be a cool little day trip for the family to enjoy for an upcoming weekend. Get those thumbs ready for action!


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