A Vermont man went skydiving over the weekend hoping to experience the thrill, rush and shot of adrenaline that jumping out an airplane can provide.  It turns out, for Chris Marckres from Hyde Park, VT, the real anxiety came in the next few days following the skydive.  Marckres, a double amputee, lost one of his prosthetic legs during the jump and took to social media to try and locate it. After 1500 shares on a Facebook post, his leg was miraculously returned to him by a farmer in Addison, VT.

Most would think that a search of this magnitude wouldn't have a leg to stand on.  But Joe Marszalkowski says he saw the Facebook post by Marckres and immediately went on the  search in his nearby crops. The field it was located in, West Addison, is not far from Vermont Skydiving Adventures, where the double-amputee took to the sky.

Marszalkowski wrote on his Facebook page, "I felt compelled to help this man, and by the grace of God I am able to return his leg!"  

In a message posted on his page, Marckres praised the man who found his leg, marveling at the fact that it traveled 9500 feet and was nearly 100% intact when it was returned to him.

Photo: Chris Marckres Facebook
Photo: Chris Marckres Facebook
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