It looks like we are all going to have to buy new New York state license plates next year. These are the five designs that are being considered. You get to vote for your favorite design. There is now a statewide poll that has been launched by Governor Andrew Cuomo, according to News 10 ABC to pick a design for the new New York state license plates.

All New York residents with a drivers license will have a chance to vote on the five designs. You can only vote once and the design with the most votes will be the new license plate for New York state.

The new plate will become the license plate of New York state and will be issued starting in April of 2020. This is part of the ten-year license plate replacement program.

The plates that we have now, the Empire Blue and White and the Blue and Gold ones will be replaced by the new design. Yes, you will have to buy the new ones for $25 when your registration is up and if you want to keep your number it will cost you another $20.

Voting is open now and runs through Monday, September 2nd. To see the designs and to vote click HERE.

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