First, I want to thank everyone who wrote in to nominate people for the Schoharie Citizen of the year. We received many amazing nominations. The hardest part was narrowing it down to four deserving individuals, but we have. In Schoharie more than other places, the flooding truly did bring out the very best in many many people. Now it is your turn once again, we need your vote!

In the interest of fairness you will only be allowed one vote, so if there is someone you really believe in, make sure to tell your friends and neighbors to vote as well. Please read the excerpt I have included from the emails we received and then vote for your favorite.

1. Georgia Van Dyke: "Georgia is Ms. Schoharie County herself and has everyone’s best interest at heart. Georgia has lived in Schoharie County if not all but most of her life. She is a business owner and the current President of Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce.

Georgia gives 150% at all times always placing the needs of others as her number one priority. Over the past 6 months since the flood and losing the Chamber office - Georgia has worked tiredly from home and out of a make shift office at the local bank.She is also a very active member of SALT Recovery."

2. Robert Price: "Robert is president of the Scho-Wright ambulance, who also slept with the ambulance to cover duties during the flood so the ambulance volunteers could clean up their homes after the flood. The ambulance bldg was also flooded and Bob often had to stay with the ambulance at other locations 24 hours.

He also is in charge of the Schohare United Presbyterian Church reconstruction of 3 bldgs, including the church, that suffered over 1 million dollars worth of damages, where he spends 7 days a week working.

Bob is also on the financial end of the Schoharie Recovery, helping residents and businesses in Schoharie Village recover and to begin again."

3. Raymond and Sara Luhrman: "They are hardworking friends that own and operate a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) business called Fox Creek Farm.During their growing season; we rarely get to see them. Then the flood came – they still had crops in the ground, damage from the rain, harvesting to complete….a very stressful, busy time. Yet, every spare moment was spent at the library, at friends… helping to make decisions and to clean up the mess. I watched them put the library community before themselves, even at personal financial risk."

4. Sarah Goodrich:  "She has served as volunteer coordinator for flood victims since the time of the flood. It takes dedication, a clear mind, the ability to roll with the punches and still follow through on your plan, an endless amount of patience and energy and kindness. Sarah and the rest of the team at the Volunteer Center have seen it all and they keep working to help the community.

I have seen what Sarah has done for Schoharie, Sarah was involved very early on, actually before the flood if my memory serves correctly. She saw the need that might present itself if the floodwaters did rise, and offered to be the flood volunteer coordinator. She has served in that capacity for many months and has given countless hours to the community."

OK, that is what your neighbors had to say about these nominees, now it is all up to you. Keep in mind you will only be able to vote ONCE a day and in the interest of fairness, we will not show the results until the polls are closed. Please encourage your friends and family to vote for your favorite but keep it fair.

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