This is one of those stories that is just too crazy not to tell!

There's a real city in Alaska called North Pole.  Which is crazy enough, but wait, there's more!  There's a guy who lives there named Santa Claus!  That's right, Santa Claus!

Now, I don't know if that was his name at birth, or if he changed it, but legally, right now he's Santa Claus!

And of course Santa Claus has decided to run for city council . . . in the North Pole.

Doesn't this sound like like a Hallmark movie?  But it's not, it's real!

The election is tomorrow and he didn't have time to actually get on the ballot, so he's running as a write-in candidate.  But it looks like he's going to win because there's an open seat and no registered candidates, so as long as a few people write him in, it's all his!

Merry Christmas!

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