Some athletes are good, some are great, but only a select few can truly be considered the best.

Most sports leagues, and events, have some version of a Hall of Fame. This is a location, either in-person or online, where the best in that sport are commemorated. They're remembered among their fellow legends, and their accomplishments are on display for generations of fans to see.

The state of New York is littered with halls of fame, and you can see them today.

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When sports fans think of halls of fame in New York, the first one that usually comes to mind is the National Baseball Hall of Fame, located in Cooperstown. That location is undoubtedly one of the most famous halls of fame in the world, and acts as the backdrop for centuries of history for America's national pastime.

As it turns out, there are countless other halls of fame in New York state, all commemorating athletes and participants in every different sport imaginable. From high school hockey, to horse racing, to "dirt" sports and outdoor life, there's legitimately something for everyone.

Here are ten halls of fame that you and the sports fans in your life should add to your sight-seeing list for the summer of 2022.

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