Thursday, October 17, 2013 you’ll have a chance to help the battle against cancer and have a good time at the ‘Visions of Strength 2013: A Wine Tasting and Silent Auction’ at the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, New York.

We recently spoke with Sabrina Mosseau, Administrative director Medical Oncology and Diana Beatty, Cancer Survivor & Visions of Strength Committee Member about the big event and what everyone can do to help the cancer battle.

Q:  Why is this event important to so many people?

A:  This event is the only source of funding for integrative wellness therapies that people simply cannot afford as they are struggling with the mounting bills and pressure of being treated for cancer.  Access to nutritional counseling, psychosocial counseling, massage therapy, healing touch and wellness education are just a few of the modalities that our patients want to have access to, but are unable to afford.  Without this event, we would not be able to meet the needs of our patients.

Q:  What is the biggest struggle people face while battling cancer?

A:  That struggle really does vary depending on the individual, but we hear over and over again the word “fear”.  People are fearful of losing their jobs, their homes, their place in society, and being identified as “sick”. They know that cancer bankrupts individuals, changes relationships, and that the therapies come with outward signs of scarring such as hair loss, weight changes, and even skin changes; things that other people notice and end up labeling you as “sick”.  Most of all, they are scared this disease will result in their death.

Q:  What is the biggest struggle a family faces while caring for a person battling cancer?

I would say from my own perspective, how to best be a support/find a way to comfort them. Your body goes through so many changes, that knowing what the right thing to do to lessen their burden some is the biggest challenge (??)  Families also feel helpless, you want to make it better, you want this journey to end quickly, you are sad and angry, and all those feelings are so very hard to place when you know that you want to be optimistic and uplifting to those you love; as their struggle is hard enough.  Cancer is a disease the affects the family, the whole family needs to be cared for.

Q: If I cannot attend the event, are there other ways to help?

A: You can donate online at; you can call 518-271-3500 or you can request a donation form at

Q: What is the most important thing that you hope comes out of this benefit?

A: Awareness and education on the integrative wellness modalities available for people undergoing cancer treatment and how strong the survivors come out following the ordeals they go through.  We count on our community and their philanthropic support each year to make this event a success and continue to have it grow so we can meet the needs of more cancer survivors!