There is a contagious virus that is making its way up the east coast and has now landed in New York. It typically affects children although some adult cases have been documented. Here's what to look for and protect your kids from so they don't come down with it when school starts. According to WIVB, the hand, foot and mouth virus is reaching peak season and there have been cases documented in New York state. Not only does it affect children, adults are not immune to this very contagious virus. Typically it spreads through classrooms and daycare centers.

Hand, foot and mouth starts with a fever, then a sore throat and runny nose. Then a rash breaks out. The symptoms don't arrive until several days after someone is infected. During this time, the virus can easily be spread.

It's spread through kissing, hugging, sharing food and drinks and even if you are changing a baby's diaper. The other part is that there is no medication to treat it.

Doctors urge people to wash hands often especially after being around children. The virus remains contagious up to two weeks after symptoms start to go away.

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