Have you seen this Tik Tok video of what a local resident claims Schenectady is like during Christmas time?  Devon Eriole who says she's from Upstate New York, made the Tik Tok just a few days ago and it has garnered millions of views, hundreds of thousands of likes, and enough sarcastic responses from baffled followers to stuff a gazillion stockings.

A colleague of mine sent me the video and I was oddly intrigued.  The caption Eriole created warmly says, "If you love Christmas Time, come visit Schenectady, NY."  I've watched it 50 times and I chuckle every time.  Devon goes so incredibly over the top, that while you know it's not Schenectady, you can't help but to wonder for a split second if she's serious.  She's not.

From the Currier and Ives-style photos she pretends are streets from the Electric City, to Frank Sinatra crooning "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," Eriole takes us on a Victorian Stroll  cracking our nuts the entire time.

Look, I love Schenectady as much as the next person -  and I know that there are lovely parts that can be quite picturesque during the holidays -  but this is not what anyone sees while on their way to Rivers Casino, Proctors, or Villa Italia to pick up their Christmas cookies.

The comments from other Tik Tok users are equally as hilarious to me.  Some people are in on the joke, others are not.

A user knows as RoseBud asks, "Is this for real? I don't wanna get there and it looks nothing like this- sincerely a Floridian."

Others took the opportunity to refute the claim like Raissa Henry-Di Cate who added, "HAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT! More like grey slushy streets and having Christmas dinner at Subway!"


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