A woman's photo of two employees at the raw cookie dough bar at Crossgates Mall called Dough Life has gone viral.  In the picture, the two employees are seen not only sitting on the counter, but completely ignoring any potential customers while they have their heads buried in their phones.

Kirsten Ratigan posted the photo last Friday and it has since gone viral after she called called them out for their behavior. She writes, "Sitting on the counter is disgusting, it is not professional. You should not be on your phone at work and I’m sure most bosses would love to know you all encourage using cell phones in a work place." The photo has garnered thousands of comments and shares.

I reached out to a manager of Dough Life for comment.  While this particular employee managed a store in a different city, their policies are the same.  He explained to me that company policy states that no cell phones should ever be used in an area where they can be seen by customers (unless it's an emergency) and that sitting on the counter is "unsanitary and completely unacceptable."  He expected disciplinary action would be taken by the owners once they see the photo; perhaps a suspension or termination.  The owners of Dough Life according to him, are currently "out of town".

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