This could be a major windfall for older people.  I have hundreds of scratchy yet memorable record albums in my attic.  I'm sure I'm not alone.  (See Brother Lou Roberts for comments)  Vinyl is coming back in full force, and they're not cheap!

We're giving away Zac Brown's new album, for example.   This is their advertisement from his website 

Many people -audiophiles and others have been saying it for years.  CD's are great but have no "warmth".  Albums are more "full sounding".  Plus the scratches and pops bring back so many great memories.

They aren't cheap.  I saw that the Beatles have remastered their entire catalogue, and are putting everything out on vinyl as well.  Barnes and Noble are selling a box set that's close to $400.00.  But then again, to have it in the original format, and in brand spanking new condition would be very cool.

So now, all you need is a turntable.  They can be very expensive, but can still be had on the cheap.  Here's one from Radio Shack.  Not bad!   Ahhhhh, vinyl.  Gotta love it.  It's back!   Would you buy vinyl?  What country artist would you like to see release their material in vinyl?  Would love to know!