In a Schenectady neighborhood recently, there were three burglaries in one night. But some of the residents are not surprised.


One person, that happens to be the vice president of the Mont Pleasant Neighborhood Association, believes that the situation seems to just be getting worse. Another neighbor and treasurer of the association mentioned that this has been an ongoing thing on 21st Street for 20 years.

In the story from WNYT, 21st Street was where two of the three houses that were robbed had money, video games, jewelry, wallets and purses taken. The same thing happened at a home on Watt Street. In all three cases, the residents were in the homes sleeping while the intruders were robbing them.

A lot of people believe one thing: that a pedestrian tunnel that’s under I-890 is where a lot of the perpetrators go to hide out, and also an escape route. I-890 is between the two neighborhoods. Several people, including a retired Schenectady firefighter, have requested that the tunnel be shut down, and that nothing good ever happens there.

Schenectady Police suggest that the residents make sure that if you have an outside light to leave it on, and if you have a security system, to make sure you activate it. Also, if you see anything suspicious going on,  always call the police.