Vermont is joining the state of New York in adjusting travel guidelines.

As reported a couple of weeks ago, New York eliminated the quarantine requirement for those who get the coronavirus vaccine and as of this Tuesday, Vermont is following suit. According to a story from the Post Star, Vermont Governor Phl Scott announced during a briefing last week residents and out-of-staters who get the vaccine can travel without the quarantine requirement two weeks after getting their second dose. Other health and safety guidance like social distancing and wearing a mask will remain in place.

The loosened travel guidelines are just one of many rollbacks of covid restrictions that have been happening of late as infection and hospitalization rates continue to go down. In New York alone over the last few weeks, indoor and outdoor amusement venues got the go-ahead to re-open, the bar/restaurant curfew was extended to 11 p.m., and arenas were given the green light to start having limited fans at events.

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The lifting of travel restrictions for vaccinated individuals in Vermont and New York eliminates one of the more confusing travel guidelines, at least for some regional travel. While air travel is pretty cut and dry, the ban on traveling to some nearby states like New Hampshire and Rhode Island seems a little out of whack. For example, there are no quarantine restrictions for visits to states contiguous to New York like Massachusetts or Vermont, but if you venture to those other regional states which seem to have similar COVID situations, some quarantine guidlines kick into place.

The great thing now is if ya get the vaccine, you don't need to worry about any of this anymore.

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