The Love Cowboy is back at it and ready to help out a Capital Region listener with a relationship dilemma. Each weekday morning Brian and Chrissy welcome him into the studio so he can give out the hard truth and a whole lot of laughs while trying to solve a relationship problem.

More people are becoming eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and scheduling their shots. In this email to the Love Cowboy, Tori in Altamont has an unusual question. She was in line for the COVID vaccine shot and met a nice guy. They talked for about an hour and hit it off. He gave her his phone number and told her to text him if she wanted to go out. She isn't sure about it. After all, she met him in the vaccine line. Listen to the love advice the Love Cowboy gives Tori. As a bonus in this one, Love Cowboy throws out some vaccine line pick-up lines.

Get saddled up each weekday morning at 6:05 and 8:05 with Love Cowboy. He gives advice on all kinds of topics when it comes to relationships. He is always fair, honest, and is quick to take jabs at Brian. Love Cowboy will dole out the advice on disagreements among friends, family disputes, marriage dilemmas, and everything in between. Whatever the problem may be, he's here to help five days a week with Brian and Chrissy.

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If you have a relationship question and need advice from the Love Cowboy, send an email to Brian and Chrissy in the morning at Make sure you include your name and city so we can reference your email. Who knows? Maybe the Love Cowboy has some solid advice for you too.

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