This is totally bizarre.  I'm dying to try this out, because I'm not sure if I believe it.  But now there are apps that will turn your iPhone into a FAN!   (No, I'm not hallucinating)

We'll start with a serious attempt.  A company called HMB-Tec has developed a little gizmo called the Pocket fan.


Ok.  I guess I can see this working on your desk.  Although God forbid you should actually need the phone for something, like - uhhh perhaps making a phone call!


But I'm not done.  There is yet another way to let Steve Jobs do a job on your heat stroke!   Meet "Blower for iPhone".  I kid you not!

So take your cool iPhone, buy one of these fan apps, then you can stay cool and BE cool.

(Folks, this is what they call in the business a "slow news day".  I apologize profusely for this blog)

How are YOU keeping cool?  Would love to know!


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