Think of the "sexiest" accents that you've heard, would Upstate New York be in your list? See where it made it on the list and do you agree with the rest of them?

When I think sexy accents, my brain goes to Scotland or Ireland, never the United States. Well, a recent list posted by New York Upstate took the rest of the world out of the equation. If you were to think of the sexiest accents in this country, would Upstate New York be in your list? Maybe it's because we hear it all of the time but I don't swoon whenever someone says "Stewarts" to me (well, I do, but for ice cream).

According to this list, the top 50 accents were compiled and the Hudson Valley was at number 33. Okay, so we aren't the best and we're not even in the top 10 but out of the whole country, not too shabby Hudson Valley. At the top of the list was Texan at number 1, Bostonian at number 2, and New York (I assume the city) at number 3.

The only thing that makes me laugh about this list, though, is that right above the Hudson Valley, at number 32 is "General American." What does that mean and how are we not only different from that but a little less sexy? I've grown up in the Capital Region my whole life, if you haven't, but live here now, can you tell me about my accent? What does it sound like and how could it be less sexy than "General American?"

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