The results are in! GNA Nation has determined what area most consider to be 'Upstate New York.'

It was a close vote, and I doubt this will settle this question in the long run. But, according to this poll of GNA Nation, Upstate New York includes Albany and all areas north of the city!  And I say this is not a definitive answer, because well, this was a close vote. Here are the poll results:

As you can see 'From Albany North' came in #1 with 24.86 % of the vote but 'Anywhere North of Albany' was a VERY close second with 24.41% of the votes. And honestly, the 'Anywhere north of the Catskills' answer was very popular too.

So I think the smart thing to do here is to consider these 3 answers equal since the voting was so close and make the fair assumption that Upstate New York should include the Capital Region and all points North. Do we agree?

Now let's see if we can get everyone in Orange, Dutchess and Putnam Counties on board with this because, well, they consider themselves Upstate too! And the debate continues...


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