Police say that a Cohoes man responsible for the death of a 6-week-old infant is on the run.

Some are saying that this is just another example of the failed court system.  One that grants murder suspects too much freedom - and not enough supervision  - based upon the merits of recent "good behavior."

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News Channel 13 is reporting that Anthony Ojeda and his husband Neli Garzon failed to show up to consecutive court appearances recently, leaving police with no choice but to begin a search for the two fugitives responsible for the death of their 6-week-old baby Eli Harmon-Ojeda.

Ojeda, according to the report, was baby Eli's legal guardian when the infant died in 2019 from reprehensible injuries sustained to his ribs and head.  The baby also was reported to have tested positive for "toxic levels of methamphetamines" that killed him.

Ojeda was charged with murder, manslaughter, and endangering the welfare of a child back in June.

"At the time, both the prosecution and defense noted that Ojeda had consistently shown up for court" 

According to the report from News Channel 13, members of the Cohoes Police department are unsettled after learning that both Ojeda and his husband Neil Garzon are missing.

"Being at the hospital when he passed, making the arrest, being at all the court dates, I personally have carried his prayer card from his services with me at each and every one of those court dates," said Cohoes Police Detective Michael Greene.  "I know it’s affected a lot of the people in this department deeply, and we’re all committed to finding them and bringing them to justice," he told News Channel 13. 

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