What seems like endless extensions of unemployment insurance is likely coming to a halt at the end of December. Local food banks are bracing themselves for the impact.

The holiday season is the very busiest for food banks and often their supplies are drained after the holiday season. If unemployment benefits expire at the end of December, food banks are trying to be ready to make sure they have a supply to meet their usual demand plus the expected need that could arise.

A sad reality is that often when people are financially stressed, they begin to cut back on food for themselves, sacrificing to make sure their children are fed. The food bank is there to help but they could use your help. If you have some extra food you could donate please do so – or even a little bit of cash could be of great help. Did you know that for every ONE dollar the food bank receives, they can turn that into $12 worth of food for a family?

The folks at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York do a great job and if you can help them please do!

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