We see celebrities in magazines, in movies and television shows but did you ever think that some of them spent a good amount of time learning here in the Capital Region.

"Crazy Rich Asians" was a huge movie this summer and one of its stars, Awkwafina, will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Those of us in this area may know her better as Nora Lum, University at Albany graduate. The Times Union even reported that she was an intern with them during her time here. Did you know that a lot of famous people went to school here in the Capital Region? Any you could add to the list?

  • Jon Bernthal, known from "The Walking Dead," and recently came back to the area to film parts of the Netflix show "The Punisher," went to Skidmore College.
  • Harvey Milk, a very famous gay rights activist and elected official in California, graduated from University at Albany, according to Ranker
  • Steve Guttenberg, from films like "Cocoon" and "Three Men and a Baby," also went to University at Albany for a year
  • Gregory Maguire, famous author of the "Wicked" series, also graduated from UAlbany
  • Jimmy Fallon, SNL alum and Tonight Show host, attended St. Rose and eventually got an honorary diploma
  • Eddie Cahill, known most recently for CSI: NY, attended Skidmore College, according to their Wikipedia

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