Two pet cats in different parts of the state have contracted the coronavirus.

According to an NBC News report, this is a first time a pet in the United States has tested positive for the virus. The report says both cats have 'mild'respiratory symptoms' and are "...expected to make full recoveries.

So how did the cats catch the virus? NBC says one caught it from and owner had tested positive for the virus, and the other possibly caught it after coming in contact with someone who was not showing symptoms of the virus. To keep your pets safe, the NBC story mentions CDC is recommendations that pet owners keep their pets away from other animals, and those who have coronavirus should take he same precautions around their pets as they would other people to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

This certainly brings a whole other level of concern to the coronavirus, as for so many of us our pets are like family members. And what about dogs? There have not been any reports of dogs catching the virus. Either way, if you are social distancing and staying home right now, your pets should be safe. Which means take this opportunity to not only spend more time with your family, but spend some quality time chilling out with your furry friends.

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