It seems we get one of these announcements every month or so about a store closing at Crossgates Mall. Get ready for two more closings.

Last month it was The Limited, and now the Crossgates Mall Marketing Director has confirmed with the Times Union that J. Crew and Ann Taylor will both be closing this month. These are the only Capital Region locations for both retailers. According to the Times Union article, they are making way for a 2 story Zara, a clothing retailer that sells attire for men, women and children.

My first reaction was  'Uh oh, another store closing at Crossgates.' But, with another retailer going in it's not all negative. Plus, with the way online shopping is booming these days, for J. Crew and Ann Taylor this could just be a sign of that shift where you do not need as many physical locations anymore. And as far as Crossgates goes, business seems to be booming with entertainment destinations like Lucky Strike and 5 Wits.

Now if you are like me and you like to try your clothes on in person and want to know where the closest J. Crew is, you may be a little disappointed. Once the Albany location closes, the closest J. Crew will be in Canton, CT (Almost 75 miles away!). There is a J. Crew Mercantile at the Colonie Center, but their clothes will vary from what is in a regular J. Crew store. There is an Ann Taylor Factory Store at the Lee Outlets, which is not too far of a drive.


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