The Daily Meal has ranked their top 75 Hot Dog Stands In America, and 2 Capital Region spots made the list.

It's summertime, the season of the Hot Dog. Whether at picnics or just backyard grilling, it's probably a treat you enjoy frequently this time of year. But why limit a great dog to just gatherings? There are some great stands right here in the Capital Region where you can get a great dog. And as it turns out, 2 of them are among The Daily Meal's Top 75 Hot Dog Stands In America.

Landing at #34 of the list, is Gus's Hot Dogs on 25th Street in Watervliet. Here's what The Daily Meal had to say about Gus's:

This tiny little walk-up hot dog stand with a small lunch counter in the building next door serves a unique regional variation on the hot dog: the mini dog...and they’re snappy, slightly charred from the grill, and are best topped with onions, yellow mustard, and a spicy beef chili sauce that’s for sale by the gallon. You’re going to want to order at least a few of these, by the way.

I bet you're getting hungry just reading this, and well this photo below doesn't help:

The next Capital Region hot dog stand on the list is Famous Lunch on Congress Street in Troy. The Daily Meal says '...grab a seat at the counter and order a few dogs (they won’t set you back much, just 60 cents apiece), and make sure you get them topped with mustard, onions, and their classic Zippy sauce, filled with big chunks of beef and bursting with cumin and paprika.' Famous Lunch, like Gus's, serves mini hot dogs!

I need to check out Gus's and Famous Lunch, and just go to town on a bunch of these mini hot dogs. They look amazing! See the Daily Meal's complete list of t he top 75 Hot Dog stands in America here.



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