Police will be out in full force to crack down on speeders. The campaign is going on now through Wednesday. Consider this your warning. According to News Channel 13, New York state police are doing a "Speed Week" campaign. They will be out in full force cracking down on motorists who don't obey the speed limits. The fines are hefty to too.

  • 10 miles over the speed limit, you will be fined up to $150 and be charged up to three points.
  • Up to 30 miles an hour over the speed limit, face up to a $300 fine and up to six points charged on your license.
  • 30 plus miles an hour over the fines are up to $600 and you could face up to eleven points on your license which carries a suspension.

Last year "Speed Week" issued over nineteen thousand tickets. The campaign is also cracking down on distracted and aggressive drivers and those not using seat belts.

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