On off-duty New York State Trooper and his ER nurse wife, helped save a man's life at their New York home last month.  The story, shared over a thousand times on the New York State Trooper's Facebook page has become somewhat viral, and for good reason.  It's just another example of how our first responders and medical professionals never take off their superhero capes, even when they're off the clock.

On a Facebook post shared by the New York State Police, and reported by CBS 6 News, the life saving procedures acted out by the State Trooper and his ER nurse wife happened at their Glen Spey, NY home last month.

The situation unfolded late July in the backyard of the home of Ryan and Lisa Sturtz and that's when, according to the post, a man was filling the Stutz’s pool with water "when he collapsed."

What happened next took some skill and quick thinking.    According to the NYSP,  "Trooper Sturtz immediately began CPR while calling for his wife. His wife called 911 and then assisted her husband with CPR."

The husband and wife dynamic duo took turns performing life-saving CPR until a heartbeat was detected as EMT's were in the process of arriving.  The news is even better as the Facebook post goes on to say that the man is doing quite well and is no longer in the hospital.

Thank you Trooper and ER nurse Sturtz.  You both are a shining example of how many first responders and front-line heroes never take off their superhero capes.  Even when they're off-duty.

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